Complaints and disputes procedure

Any complaints regarding the draw can be made directly to the Myton Hospice Limited by contacting our dedicated supporter care team on 01926 407902 or by email at lottery@mytonhospice.org

We will respond to initial complaints and queries within 48 hours of receipt of the complaint.

If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the matter will be escalated to a Myton Hospice Director.

Every complaint will be taken seriously and fully considered by the Myton Hospice in order that a satisfactory resolution can be achieved.

In the event that a satisfactory outcome can still not be reached, in accordance with the agreed protocol arranged on behalf of members of the Lotteries Council the matter will be referred to The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS), which acts as an impartial adjudicator on disputes that arise between gambling operators and their customers.

ii. The player will be provided with IBAS referral details.
iii. The outcome of IBAS intervention will be reported to the Gambling Commission.

The Myton Hospices Lottery is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission.
Website: www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk.

Promoter: Myton Hamlet Hospice, Myton Lane, WARWICK, CV34 6PX

Responsible Person: Charlotte Ingram

All profits from the Myton Lottery go to Myton Hospice Limited

Registered Charity Number: 516287

Complaints and Disputes Procedure:

Myton Hospice will:

a) a) Make this Complaints and Disputes Procedure available to a potential or actual customer (“the customer”) via The Myton Hospices website (www.mytonhospice.org), or upon request.

b) Handle all complaints in accordance with this Complaints and Disputes Procedure.

c) c) Advise the Gambling Commission on the status of all disputes that are referred to the Promoter (see below).

The Complaints and Disputes Procedure is outlined as follows:

Stage 1

In the event that a customer has encountered a problem or has a concern to raise in respect of the Lottery, then The Myton Hospices will in the first instance advise the customer to contact the Lottery Office.

Any problems or concerns that are brought to the Lottery Office’s attention will be formally recorded within the Lottery Complaints Log, initially as an ‘incident’, for The Myton Hospices’ future analysis and Gambling Commission reporting purposes.

We aim to respond as soon as possible, but normally within five days. If the investigation of the complaint is likely to take longer than five days, we will write to you to let you know the proposed timescales and next steps, aiming to resolve your complaint within a maximum of 30 days.

We will investigate your complaint involving relevant parties as necessary.

We will contact you to let you know the outcome of your complaint and any actions we have taken as a result of this.

Stage 2

If you are unhappy with the resolution of your complaint, you should put your complaint in writing to Charlotte Ingram, The Myton Hospices, Myton Lane, Myton Road, Warwick CV34 6PX.

The matter will be escalated to a ‘dispute’, if applicable.

You will then be sent an acknowledgement of your complaint in writing, within 48 hours of us receiving it and an investigation of your complaint will then begin.

Every effort will be made to complete this investigation within 7 days of receipt.

We will then contact you with our findings, recommendations and proposed actions.

Stage 3

If you are still not satisfied, we will refer your complaint / dispute to the free to access, Independent Betting Adjudication Service (www.ibas-uk.com) within two months of our decision.

IBAS will act as an impartial adjudicator after the complaint/dispute has been through both of the above stages of our own internal dispute procedure and a deadlock still exists.

An IBAS panel of experts will apply their specialist knowledge to the facts and adjudicate by reference to our own terms and conditions.